Mission Critical Solution


Deploy, secure and maintain robust IT infrastructure.

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Content Management
Build, publish and manage digital content.
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Technology offers effective solutions to complex challanges many organizations face with IT infrastructure. The trick is finding the right solution that would produce measurable result with a reduced total cost of acquisition.
Rutani provides an integrated solution that enhances productivity, safeguards essential security processes and enough elasticity to scale.

We design, install and configure standard network topology and devices.

Computing security solutions for connected devices on the network.

Bring the idea of your application and we provide the coding.

All you need is your content, we provide the infrastructure and platform.

Learn about our sysadmin support solution using secure tunnel.

Learn about xtendi, our secure and dedicated cloud infrasructure.

Rutani techassist a simplified, single point of contact helps reduce cost through expertise and streamlined decision making process, to provide reliable support for critical business infrastructure: designing and deploying computer network; monitoring infrastructure and its security with open source tools that is solid, robust and nimble.