Computing Endpoint

Find a technology solution with what we know to meet what you need.

Rutani provides trusted and expert technology solutions which will enable you to concentrate on your core business operation and liberates you from preoccupation with the technology infrastructure required to meet your business goals.

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Technology Solutions Provider

Technology Solutions Provider


Find out how to fortify your computing devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc.) with our Rutani Endpoint tools as a cost effective and preventive remedy toward intrusion deterrence.

Network & Security

Technology Solutions Provider


We work with you to build a robust trust relationship necessary to control access to your computing infrastructure which is a target any day of the week from cybercriminals. You wouldn't receive any random request to change password to your account.

Help desk

Technology Solutions Provider


We will provide you with the proactive assistance you may need to guard the privacy and redundancy of your information. Our Rutani Computing Endpoint cybertool will meet the toughest security challenge to safeguard your personal data.

Data protection

We find solution for your technology challenges

  • Technology Optimization
  • Malware Prevention
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Digital Integration

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