We find solution for technology challenges

Technology has provided us with multiple opportunities for solving our challenges and the trick is to find the right solution that would produce measurable result. With simplified, open source technology solution, you can embrace the change that is always inevitable.

What is your technology challenge?

Deploy technology to ease everyday work

Daily routine tasks eat up a lot of your time and keep you bogged down, therefore using technology to minimize the time spent is a recipe for success. Our Help desk gives you the balance you need to focus on more important things.

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Implement a secure computing environment

Zero awareness of the security vulnerability status of any connected devices is a recipe for disaster. Then you don't have an idea of the risk to the devices you're using to conduct your daily activities.

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The growing threat of malicious software

Ransomware malicious software has become a constant threat to the way of our digital life. Everything we do today almost involves the use of a connected device and that brings the reality of the threat home and awareness to detecting intrusion attack is crucial to forestalling such an act. Our Cybertool will help you keep your defenses tuned up.

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Integrate inhouse and cloud operations

The ease of technology has affected the amount of work we can do with our time. Shifting tasks to where you can engage it at your own choosing will enable you to coordinate the processes which would yeild a measurable result. Our computing endpoint tools will help you bring a healthy balance between on-location and cloud activities.

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Why choose Rutani Cybertool?

  • Reliable solution with solid open source technology.
  • Minimal downtime with nimble solution.
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